Friday, 24 April 2009

Art thys thyng workyng?

So here we go.

By all accounts I am an unreconstructed leftie bound by pragmatism. I'm starting this thing in the shadow of far greater writers and pontificators because I need some way to vent the fury I feel at my country setting itself up to take a lurch to the right at a juncture where a right turn can only make things far worse for everyone.

I voted Labour at the last election and may well do so again. But it will be with a heavy heart, because the current shower at the head of the party seem to be content tying themselves in knots to please their right-wing detractors even as the biggest repudiation of unregulated free-market policy in recent global history seems to be taking shape around us.

We need better than this. We need to undo the Thatcher/Reaganite way of thinking - and the media which regurgitates its platitudes unquestioningly - before it destroys what little is left of human endeavour in this world.

PS. Fuck.

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